I understand what they meant, but I gladly disagree with the phrase they used. Recently I saw a Christian post that spoke of serving in a post Christian age. While I realize the intent, I had to react to the term.

Yes, we are living in a time where Christianity is either an after thought, or completely discouraged. Yes, there is little or no attention given to God by the culture today. However, since the birth of our Savior, from that time until today, we’ve faced struggles.

A Herod chased the Babe in the manger, and another one’s soldiers beat Him. Yet, He saved the world, and walked out of the tomb! All but one Apostle was martyred, along with countless believers who followed. Today, persecution ranges from mockery to murder.

The idea I take exception with, is that this somehow indicates a post Christian age, and that’s what excites me. Christianity has never depended on the popularity of it’s beliefs, but on the power of it’s Christ. As long as He lives, and He lives for ever more, there can never be a time where Christ is anything but in control.

The only way it can be a post Christian culture, is in another definition of the word. The word can mean a social post, a marker, i.e. goalpost, or the delivery of letters. So, in that sense, I encourage you to post Christian.

Social media is a fun medium, but it’s also a platform. I can think of no better one, than the message of a loving God to a hurting world. The cause of Christ is still, and will always be, the greatest news in the world.  

It is also our goalpost, our target, as well as our support. The Lord Jesus carries, strengthens, and directs His people to victory. Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven, and everything else will be taken care of.

Finally, the Bible says we are epistles, or letters, known and read of men. We are love letters, written by God, to a world of hurting people. The fact that culture ridicules the message, must never stop the messengers. 

Christ served in both the year of opposition, as well as the year of popularity. Indifference and persecution are realities of our modern era, but not dictates of it. Jesus said, they don’t take my life, I lay it down, and He did so when He was ready.

The Apostle Paul stood before Nero twice. That means the mad fiddler didn’t behead him the first meeting. Paul didn’t die until The King Of Kings, not an emperor, decided it was time.

There will be a day when this world plunges into horrors. A day when the majority of it reject any version of true righteousness. There will never be a day where Christ, and His Church are powerless, irrelevant, or unimportant. This message of salvation can only, and forever, be the most relevant message ever spoken! 

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