Eddington Glock or Cream?

PruittWrites hopes you like the first episode of our new serial, Eddington, and our new character Tom Bendix.

We’re the little coffee shop on the corner, the place where Grandpa gets his java, Mom gets her cappuccino, and Bonnie gets her latte. What we weren’t supposed to be, is the sight of the biggest mystery to ever hit Eddington. That happened last Tuesday, the gun in my face happened tonight.

My name is Tom Bendix, and I run Stefaniak’s, it’s named after my maternal Grandfather. The name, as well as Grandpa, came from Czechoslovakia. He was a young immigrant with a love for hard work, and strong coffee. I inherited both, and when I got tired of running the company I started, I decided to slow down.

Actually my wife and my doctor decided I had to, my bp was sky high, my energy was gone, and my health was in trouble. So I left the two million dollar company to my successor, and opened Stefaniak’s. Since some have trouble pronouncing it, they call it Stef’s for short.

Which is fine, that’s my sister’s name, and she is Grandpa’s favorite granddaughter. You’ll meet them both later, right now, I think the gun takes precedence. It’s a glock, about two years old.

I know because it’s my gun, the one holding it took it from my office in the back. I’d describe the one holding it if I could see. The hot coffee they through in my eyes sort of prevent that.

Right now, I’m more interested in staying alive. That’s why I’m on the floor of the storage room with the lights out. They threw the coffee, I lunged for the lights, and now I’m trying to hide and struggling to see. Thankfully I know this room like the back of my hand.

I’m counting on the fact she or he doesn’t, and taking these mental notes to keep my sanity. I’m trying to focus on something besides the pain in my eyes. The gun holder hasn’t found me yet, hopefully my signal button on my watch works, and the police are on the way. While I’m listening for movement and or sirens, let me tell you how all this got started.

Read next week’s installment of our new serial Eddington to see how Tom Bendix got in such hot, well, coffee. I couldn’t resist!

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