Seasons Glee

The start of my favorite time of year is quickly approaching.  Thanksgiving and Christmas mean more than a great meal, and colored lights.  I love both, but it’s also a time when you feel closer to your loved ones, even if they’re hours away.

Between schedules and everything else, I don’t always get to be with everyone I’d like this season.  Still, we get to share our memories, and the wonder of the season. Wonder is the key word, and that’s what makes it all wonderful.

Every bowed knee, every thank you, every sparkling eye at the reality of the manger.  The heartbeat of The Christ child meant, that spiritually our hearts would beat for the first time.  He would give His heart for us, and then rise to lead us.  

I am thankful for a season of giving, but most of all, for the gift of being part of the family of God.  His wonder,  brought an end to our wandering. So that kiddish glee you hear November 1st, yeah, that’ll be me.

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