Eddington Bold Americano

The security team handled the mess, he didn’t expect that. I kept a few things from my days running a company, like home protection for my family. They had the guy in the vehicle subdued in a few minutes. What I didn’t expect, was that this was only a distraction.  

While we were all focused on the guy in the car, the other guy slipped past them. I found this out when he set off the silent alarm at the window. He didn’t get in, but by then, any hope of sleeping was over.
Now I called Otecko, he answered on the second ring. “Are you okay Tomáš?” 

“How did you know anything was wrong?” I was so rattled that I didn’t expect logic. “When my called ID shows my Grandson is calling at 1:30 in the morning, I think something is wrong. This is not difficult.”

I explained, and asked him again. “What is so important that they would try all of this?” “Tomáš, that is not the question. The question is why such stupid attempts.”

“Otecko, there’s no rule that said they have to be intelligent.” He sighed before answering. “Unfortunately, every evil man to ever threaten our country, had a black heart, and a brilliant mind. This is like that soy milk at the store for the health conscious. It looks the same, but very sour. Something is very sour with these attempts.”  

Then it hit me. “Grandpa, lets talk more in the morning, at the store, night.” I know it sounded abrupt, but Otecko got the message. You see, that’s the reason we never called him Grandpa. Otecko means papa in Czech and Slovak. Grandpa is the family code word for trouble, if any of us ever use it, that means something is wrong.  

Otecko was at the gate in twenty minutes, along with Joe and Stef. I waited til they walked in, handed them each an americano, and started. “This has all been a decoy, a way of drawing us out.”

“Everything since the start was trying to get a rabbit out of it’s hole. I think they’re listening to our phone calls, maybe even stalking us. Trying to figure out where the thing is Otecko gave away. Now, that we know that, what do we do.”  

Stef was always the adventurous one of the two of us. She was ready to charge at any obstacle, that’s what made her great in her work as a photographer too. Anxious to take chances to get the shot. So I expected bold when she opened her mouth.  

“Simple, they want a treasure to steal, give them a treasure. Draw them out, and we’ll take them down.” It would have sounded more effective, if she wasn’t wearing purple slippers, and adding peppermint mocha to her coffee.  

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