Eddington Coffee From A Strange Pot

It was almost aggravating, the way that Otecko seemed to know things before you told him. “How did you know he would be part of the government?” He was never arrogant about it, he just knew.
“Simple, most of the people who have troubled our country, started out that way. It is like President Reagan said, they were from the government, and they claimed they were going to help us. What is reassuring to me is that we don not have to travel half a world away to face him.”
Otecko hated to travel, it messed up his routine. Just the hiding place we had talked him into staying for a few days was irritating him. He hates ‘sleeping in other beds, making coffee from a strange pot, and brushing his teeth in front of a strange mirror.’
That was an exact quote by the way. Him reluctantly agreeing to do it, indicated how important catching this man was. He still had a surprise in store though, one I hadn’t seen coming, and he knew it.
“While here, I visited an old friend from home. She hasn’t lived overseas in years, but her niece happens to be in the government. I believe I know enough about the Ambassador now to return home.”
“Otecko, it’s not safe, you need to …” “Thomàs, I Love You, but at my age, what is safety? Especially if this man is as clever as he is dangerous. Staying out of the battle, that is dangerous.” 
He returned like a general planning a large campaign, giving detailed orders to each of us. Stef’s job was to design a very special coffee bag, as a gift for the Ambassador. My job, as a semi famous businessman was to deliver it. 
We poured our best Guatemalan blend in it the day the bag came from the printers. It was great coffee, but the bag was the real message. On it were elegant scenes reflecting Czech and Slovakian heritage, but the real message was the words underneath Stefaniak’s logo.
“A gift for the ambassador. A bold, challenging blend, to embrace and hold you tightly.” It didn’t sound bad to anyone else, but to him, it was a direct threat. We were taking the battle to him, and Otecko wanted him to know it! 

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