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Eddington Christmas Perk

Otecko was making his miniature snowmen for the grandkids. Chocolate sponge cake, a frosted sugar glaze, and powdered sugar, make for smiling faces. I sipped on Stefaniak’s Christmas Perk, and smiled as Joe’s daughter Hannah ‘helped’.

There was powdered sugar everywhere, but it was Christmas, and that’s ok. We were taking a break from worrying about everything. It was the week before Christmas, and Rastilav could wait.

The tree was trimmed. Bing Crosby, Tony Bennett, and James Taylor alternated holiday melodies. The kids were in Christmas pajamas, getting ready to eat sweets, and watch a Christmas movie. The girls were wrapping presents, and I was happily doing nothing.
Except I wasn’t, I was trying to wait. It was almost time, but not yet. This was my favorite part of the pre-Christmas celebration, Otecko’s Christmas story session.  

He would begin with Mr Clement C Moore, and “The Night Before Christmas”. Next was, as he referred to himself, C.D.’s “A Christmas Carol”. The story of “Good King Wenceslas” led up to the climax, Luke Chapter Two”.

It was warm, and Otecko knew exactly how to emphasize each word. I didn’t know it at that moment, but I would learn a lot during the stories this year. Next week, I’ll tell you about how King Wenceslas gave us a clue.

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