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They Saw Jesus

John 21:2

There were together Simon Peter, and Thomas called Didymus, and Nathanael of Cana in Galilee, and the sons of Zebedee, and two other of his disciples.

Have you ever noticed, the last two aren’t mentioned by name.  I don’t think they noticed either, because it didn’t matter. What mattered was, they were there, and they saw Jesus!

Andrew, if it were Andrew, didn’t care, either then, or when his brother delivered the message at Pentecost.  What mattered, was He had been with Jesus,  and now was filled with His Spirit.  Never worry about being noticed in the Church, only be encouraged that you are in the Church!

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Acrylic King David 

I had a little trouble with the lighting, but here is an acrylic of King David. It’s been a project of mine recently, to create either sculptures, sketches, or paintings of great Biblical leaders.  King David is mine of my favorites, and I hope you enjoy this acrylic on cardboard, of him.

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Gouache Barnstormer

I met my parents, and my sister and brother half way today, to celebrate Tyler’s 21 birthday. They bought me a new type of Paints I’ve wanted to try, called gouache. It is an opaque paint that has properties which mirror both watercolors and acrylics, depending on how much water you apply.

For my first gouache painting, which is French, I painted a simple barn.  My Dad and I used to love playing the old Atari game barnstormer, which is why I chose the name. It’s simple, but I was pleased with the effort.

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Eddington Some People Like Bad Coffee 

Some people like bad coffee, some even drink instant. It was hard for me to understand, but they do. It’s cheap, and convenient. Why am I telling you this, because of what happened after the news story.
What I thought would happen, and what actually did, were two different things. I thought this would be as big a story as the one Rastilav was telling, I was wrong. People ignored it, they heard about violence all the time.
Rastilav even called to gloat. “Isn’t funny? I’m a stranger to your country, and yet I can gauge their reactions better than you can? It was a nice effort, but you are outmatched, and outmaneuvered. Agree to my demands, and I will go away. Fight, and you may not walk away at all.”
I held the phone for a few seconds after the click. He was long gone, but my anger wasn’t. I looked at Otecko. “What do we do now?”
He gave me an encouraging smile. “The same thing every David does, right before the big thud. We fight Goliath!”

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Men Like Amos 

This is the painted version of Amos the Herdsman Prophet.  I was going for a mixture of Greek style sculpture, but at the same time, capturing the ruggedness of a man who God prepared, like David, leading sheep.  

It was not an easy life. There were risks to take, battles to face, and sacrifices.  Any shepherd will tell you, their sheep are worth it.  That is exactly the type of man God loves to call.  

Men who passionately love God, and who have a shepherd’s heart.  I have a Pastor like that, and I’m sure you do to.  I pray we never forget the sacrifices they make, or to show our gratitude for it.  Thank God for men like Amos, and for their willingness to heed the call.