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Eddington Bad Almond Milk, Good Coffee, And A New Leader?

The rabbit was a journalist, hungry for a story. Pierce Westin was a local newscaster, the perfect person to use for our own media offensive. Naturally, he didn’t get the whole story, and he didn’t care.
He had enough to generate exactly what I needed, doubt. The story was true, and our best defense against the carefully orchestrated strategy Rastilav had cooked up. Plus, it would make both Rastilav and Grandma Deadly look bad to their colleagues.
It wouldn’t cause a coup, but it’s like almond milk in good coffee. To me, it leaves a horrible taste, and leaves you wanting one thing, milk. Hopefully one bad video, will make the bad guys look for and a new leader. While they were unorganized, we’d send in Sam to clean up the spill.

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