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The Greatest Legacy 

I read this morning, how one of our founding fathers, almost destroyed his legacy by worrying about it. In the last six years of his life, due to this and other factors, he altered his papers to try and reflect his importance. No, it wasn’t Washington, and no, I won’t sully the man’s name, I mention it to illustrate a point.  

Legacy is important, but you don’t accomplish it through revision at the end. It’s built every day, based on our choices. The difference between redemption and revision, is that one represents a truly changed individual, while the other is only a covering. Spend your days building your legacy, through living a life of consistency, not anxiety.

Because I struggle with anxiety at times, this spoke to me. Trust in God is action, in and of itself. People make the mistake of assuming it’s inertia, or chance, it’s not. If you have looked into the heart of The One who crossed eternity, faced Calvary, and conquered death itself, then you know how active faith is.

Trust Him today, follow His will, make plans, but make them knowing that Jesus is in control. This way, at the end of your days, you won’t worry what others will think of them. You’ll know, if your life has pleased Him, that is the greatest legacy of all.

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