Eddington Caffeine Is My Excitement

I’m not a government agent. I’m not a detective. I’m a guy who markets coffee. Caffeine is my excitement, not being hunted down by a crazed college professor’s hired guns!

An yet that’s where we found ourselves. Our taxi driver was dead, the car crashed. We were bleeding, Michael was shooting at the guy who was shooting at us. I was trying to get out through a mangled door without getting hit.

In other words, this trip was not my idea of a fun adventure. Unlike movies you see, there wasn’t a convenient building for us to duck into. There also wasn’t any unexpected helper guy showing up to make our get away.  

I was thinking at this point that I might not see my family again. Michael wasn’t ready to give up. What he did next, will always make me look at him like the hero he is. 

He drew their fire, dodging in and out behind the taxi. When they got closer to finish the job, he somersaulted over the taxi, onto the back of their car, and shattered the front glass with bullets.  

He didn’t fire at the driver, we needed answers. Instead he fired down the middle of the window, sending glass everywhere. He wrestled his way inside and took control of the car. Then stopped, tossed the guy out, and started asking questions.  

I told you it got crazy, but I wasn’t talking about all of that. It was the answers he gave. They weren’t encouraging, especially when he told us what the Professor’s next move was.

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