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Eddington Coffee Break

The man on the ground was saying things I couldn’t believe, names of men in twenty countries that the professor had bribed into his organization. He was setting up an economic machine to fund the takeover of countries, that much was clear. What he said next scared me.

The Professor wasn’t just out for valuable historic treasures. There have been plunderers since Old Testament times. He wanted to take things that had never been stolen before. Items that were so dear to a country’s culture that it would build his reputation and incite fear.  

Today, museums are at least somewhat open to trading exhibits, and sharing with the world, a country’s antiquities. He wanted to isolate the different markets. It would also make it easier, not harder, for him to take what he wanted when he wanted it.

Next, he could start a propaganda campaign against the way the museums were ran. Being an expert on antiquities, he would make recommendations, all the time, increasing his influence. Eventually, in the big markets, he would be able to place men that were under his control, in control.

The museums where he basically appointed curators, would quickly stop having any thefts. Oh he would keep taking, but first they’d replace them with almost perfect copies. Ones his group had been making painstakingly accurate over the last ten years.

His buyers for the stolen antiquities, would feel even safer. They would know that to the world, nothing had ever been stolen. His curators would prevent experts studying too closely his fakes.  

While all of this was going on, he’d approach world domination through a course I would have never thought of. He was taking steps to slowly control the primary food supplies of several countries through a seemingly unrelated groups of amalgamations.

Corporations being purchased, farms being snatched up with the funds, and a horde of factories being bought. On top of that, he was buying every type of transportation company you could imagine.

What he could not purchase outright, he bought stock in. This wasn’t just related to food, it was everything from airlines to pay as you go travel. His intention was to squeeze every dime he could, and control every sector through the money and power it gave him. 

Only then, would he start his flamboyant take over the world part if it. An because, by then, he would already be mostly in control, it would seem swift. People would be shocked at how quickly he stepped in, and that would breed more fear. He’d control the world while no one was looking. Taking power while those without a clue of his scheme, might has well have been on a coffee break.

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