A New Season 

Yesterday I began to think while sitting outside the next door of our new season. We crossed the threshold of one on Friday, and Monday was phase two. We were discouraged for a while, but we held on. Now we turn the knob on a brighter today, and Sitting outside the next door of our new season. 

If you’re going through a harsh season, know by definition that it will end, and a new day will begin. You may feel like the storm may not end, but it will. David said there is a night to weep, but there is also a day filled with joy.  

The door of endurance, isn’t just one more door in your trial. It’s the door that unlocks the path to your new day. Walk it confidently, for it lights the path to your new season!

Eddington Coffee Is A Distraction 

“All right, we’re here, why?” I asked Michael as we got in the taxi. He winked at me, gave the address to the driver, and pointed to the airport. “It’s bigger than we thought, otherwise the pilots wouldn’t have been targeted. They did it because of us. This is bigger than what you realize cousin.”

“How can it be, he’s a teacher, not a dictator. This is crazy. What does he want, why are we here?” Michael could tell I was exhausted, angry, and ready for something to make some sense.”

“Here’s what we did, what we think, and what we know. Otecko stole something to distract from the fact he planted something. They were so caught up with trying to figure out why he stole it, they didn’t notice what he left. A microphone to listen to the professor.”

“He hasn’t tipped his hand, except for telling one of his group to secure Budapest. We think his supply line runs through here. I needed you to come along on some excuse about coffee beans so I could maneuver.”

“Here’s what it looks like. This isn’t directly about taking over the Czech Republic. It’s about a new black market of antiquities that runs from Europe to the Middle East. The Professor has been running it on a small scale for years, but he’s gotten greedy.”

“He’s systematically working to take out the power players on the existing black market so he can control it. If he’s the biggest and baddest, he gets the most money, which translates to power.”

“He apparently wants to control governments behind the scene, at least for a while. We don’t know his long term goal, but his thesis was on Charlemagne. You can guess what that means!”

I rolled my eyes, and tried to ignore the pain behind them. “So we’re the bait, the coffee is a distraction, and at some point we’re probably going to get shot at, again!”  

I didn’t mean to predict the future, but I did. A few seconds later, two bullets shattered the front window, killing our driver. The taxi went out of control, then it got crazy!

The Importance Of Laughter 


Psalms 126:2

Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing: then said they among the heathen, The Lord hath done great things for them.

Laughter, it’s an undervalued medicine in the lives of men. Scientists have studied it, doctors have prescribed it, and hungry souls have craved it. Today Id like to share with you the importance of laughter, and some steps to add more of it to your life.

To begin with, why does laughter matter? According to studies, it can prevent heart disease by increasing blood flow and improves the function of blood vessels. Laughter enhances the immune system, as well as releasing endorphins to lessen pain. It combats anxiety, relieves stress, and relaxes the body.

Socially, it has been found to both reduce and resolve arguments. Teamwork is better when laughter is present. Scientists even agree that laughter, or the ability to make someone laugh, makes you more attractive to others. Laughter may seem unimportant, until it is absent in your life.

My first recommendation, seek out a happy person or group of people. You know someone who is always laughing and smiling. One who spills coffee on himself and laughs at the shape of the stain. I’m not referring to a silly person, but one with a positive outlook on life.

We all deal with sadness, many times as a result of tragedy. However this doesn’t mean that laughter can’t minister to you in times of pain. You may need a transfusion of it from a friend who has an over abundant supply.

Second, if you can’t find someone, find something that makes you laugh. A book from your childhood, a memory, even an old movie, a comedy that cracks you up. It doesn’t have to be intellectual, it doesn’t even have to be good writing. It just has to be funny. 

People either undervalue or overvalue comedy. They either look down their nose at it, or try and over analyze it. The fact is, Andy Griffith, Fonzie Bear, and Kevin James are funny. Laurel and Hardy aren’t Great Expectations, but they are great fun. A wiseman said, “A little nonsense now and then, is cherished by the wisest men.” The goal is to not to belittle your heartache, but to bring some cheer into your heart.

Third, do something that is completely lighthearted. What activity puts you in a place to where laughter comes easy? Whether it is miniature golf, or a trip to a local amusement park, it makes no difference. It doesn’t have to make sense, don’t overthink, just enjoy.

Fourth, do not feel guilty about laughter or seeking to laugh. The heart needs comfort, it seeks an environment where happiness isn’t a visitor, but a roommate. Your hurt is real, the event that caused it just as real, but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek some solace through your valley.

I struggled with how to end this post. Whether to be serious, or to do what I’ve championed throughout the article. So let’s end with a smile, and laugh at some silliness. As Cosmo said in Singing In The Rain…

Short people have long faces and 

Long people have short faces.

Big people have little humor

And little people have no humor at all!

And in the words of that immortal buddy

Samuel J. Snodgrass, as he was about to be lead To the guillotine:

Make ’em laugh

Make ’em laugh

iPainting The General Jackson 

A wonderful friend pointed out how special our city is.  He’s right as always, and I hope you enjoy this picture of “The General Jackson”, as much as we love Nashville.

Eddington Thermos Of Sumatra And A Bulletproof Vest

We got back to the hotel about two in the morning. I don’t know what strings they pulled, but Otecko and Sam left without charges. They started talking as soon as the door closed.

“Tomás, don’t get comfortable, you and Michael are flying to Budapest in two hours.” “Do I want to know why?” Otecko smiled. “To set a panther trap.”  

I went to pack. Sam called from behind me. “Don’t you want to know more?” I looked back. “No, I prefer my bouts with death to be a surprise. Pack me a thermos of Sumatra and a bulletproof vest, and put me on the plane.”

Once on the plane, I was about to rethink asking Michael what we were about to do. That was until the stewardess spilled my breakfast tray all over me. I got up to go to the bathroom to clean up.

When I came back, Michael wasn’t in his seat. I thought he’d be back in a little while. He didn’t until after we landed. “Where were you?” He whispered his reply. “Flying the plane, someone killed the pilot and co pilot.”  

The trip started out horribly, and would only get worse. Next week I’ll tell you how to tangle with a two legged panther and survive, but just barely!