Infinite Shoulders

Victory is not determined by the size of the enemy we face, but by the infinite shoulders of the God we serve.  Too often, we judge things by the ordeal we are facing, which is an illusion. That same illusion cost a generation of Israelites the promos land.  

Had it not been for David, the army’s defeat would have been measured by a Philistene giant. Instead of Goliath’ span, David measured the Infinite shoulders of God. He determined Him bigger than Gath’s now beheaded hero.  

I have struggled with fear, and depression over the last year.  Through it all, Ashley and I have held on to God’s strength, and His encouragement through this time. Our Pastor, our Church, and our loved ones have encouraged us as we held on to the promise of a better day.  

Now, we are seeing the fruition of this part of God’s plan.  My only regret, is that I worried so much more than I had to.  Don’t make my mistake, measure God’s shoulders against your fears. Leave it in His hands, and get some rest.