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Eddington Coffee, Prison, Life?

"Who is going to challenge him? If he's respected, aren't his peers that don't know what he is going to hesitate? The ones that know will be too afraid too." Michael was skeptical too. He said everything I was thinking.

"There's no hope from the ones who know. The ones who don't, they're used to challenging theories. They don't view it as an attack of a colleague, but they're not what we need yet. We need to present the challenge, in the right light. That will grab both groups, and set both sets off like sharks."

"Years ago a chess set, of minor interest, was stolen. What if it wasn't so minor. What if we borrow from a great American writer, and surmise the set was actually covered in a thin layer, to hide the gold underneath?"

Otecko looked at it. "They'll want to examine it. How do you deceive what they see"

"We don't. A very fine agent, and even better craftsman, is going to make it a reality. In a week, we'll have a gold and silver chessboard."

"What about the pieces? They'll notice the weight difference. Somebody has to remember how it felt."

Sam laughed. "Were not going to make it solid gold, just layered like a decorative trinket would have been. It's not the money, it's the story we're weaving."

"Also, the embarrassing fact that the Professor will go on record as it being a fake story. Imagine the embarrassment when the colleague he disputed turns out to be right. If the supposed authority was wrong about something like this, can his opinions be that good?"

I stepped in. "What about his thugs and the Black Market? It's one thing to embarrass him, but people bounce back. How do we eliminate the possibility?"

"That's where the coffee pot comes in. We do exactly opposite with them. We get the Professor to back a few pieces by convincing him of its monetary value, then prove him wrong. If the market things he's sold a bunch of worthless items for millions, he'll come to us to save his life."

"We'll give him a choice. He admits his crimes to stand trial, or refuses and runs for his life the rest of it. Either life with no parole, or imprisoned by fear."

Sam stopped, and pointed to the coffee Coffee Pot. "Prison coffee is horrible, but at least he'll live."

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The Rest Of The Way

Today Ashley and I celebrate 8 years of being married. Anniversaries give a number to something that's so amazing it's hard to measure. We can't tell you the tears we've cried together, the laughs at things no one but her understands, the adventures and misadventures we've shared.

Everyone looks up the things that represent your anniversary, and we're no different. They are bronze, pottery, the jewel tourmaline, cotton, and linen.

Bronze because it was forged by the mixture of copper and tin, tried by fire, and made stronger by being together. Pottery because it can begin as a lump of clay, and transformed into a beautiful vessel to hold precious things. Tourmaline is a jewel that ranges almost every color, from black to blue, to yellow, and a striped green and pink, known as watermelon.

The cotton and linen interest me both. Possibly because of being a Minister, l think of souls redeemed, mistakes forgiven, and new life created. Cotton can either shrink or stretch. When it shrinks, it can be because of mistreatment in the maintenance of it. When it stretches, it is forgiving of an extra pound or two.

Marriage is like that. Strong when you stand together. Beautiful when shaped, and given the necessary attention. Colorful, reflective of both your dreams. Shrinking when there's a lack of communication, but expanding when you're open with each other.

Next to Salvation, it's the greatest event in my life. I love her dearly, and I couldn't imagine life without her. I also can't tell you what tomorrow holds, but I know this. The same One who joined us as one, will keep us that way, the rest of the way!