Born In 76

Born in 76, 1776 to be exact. The proud parents were the future first Chief Justice John Jay and his wife. The boy’s name was Peter Augustus Jay. You might say this child was one of two children born in 76, the other was a girl.

The boy did fine, followed in the footsteps of his father, serving the public good, and the legal profession. The girl did fantastic, and Jay, one of her founding fathers, did all he could to support her.

It was Jay who helped, along with Hamilton and Franklin, to negotiate the treaty of Paris, that ended the Revolutionary War. England at first, did not want to recognize in the treaty, our independence. Jay stopped negotiations until this was agreed upon. Jay, one of the writers of The Federalist Papers, and the other signers of the treaty, knew how vital this recognition was to our new country.

Yesterday I was reading some of the everyday acts of Liberty’s founders. They raised the money needed during the war. Others like Jay in Spain, were ambassadors, striving to gain young Liberty a place at the table. Much like a Dad, who quietly, consistently works to give his child every advantage, these men did.

Like Peter Augustus Jay, she followed in their footsteps. Seeing her children, generations of Americans through hardships. War that tore at her heart, but resulted in freedom of an entire race in 1865.  

Young men and women of every race, ethnicity, and background have marched beside her as she stood against everything from nazism to communism. From the cannon smoke of Yorktown, to the sandstorms of Kabul, she learned her fathers’ lessons well.

Now today, this generation of her children remember the sacrifices and consistent duties of men like Jay, Washington, and Franklin. What we must also realize is that, we are truly related to both Liberty, and her parents. For it is now become our duty to hold dear those truths they saw as self evident.

One of which was how they viewed themselves, and their child. They saw themselves, even in disagreement, as citizens of one new country. Men of different viewpoints, forged together by the love of an idea, given birth to through blood, sweat, and tears. An how they saw her, the fledgling child they produced.

As one that should be given the chance to change the world, with the full support of her family. Today, we don’t just barbecue and talk of something that happened long ago. We join together for a meal, as a family, and recall the sacrifices that made us, our parents, and generations of this 1776 family.  

Let us, while celebrating, feel the weight of the mantle passed to us. Knowing that our individual opinions are far less important, than the integral heritage that unites us. We are sons and daughters of liberty, descendants of the founders, and Americans by The Grace Of God!

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