Eddington Family, Justice, and Coffee

Sam started seeding the two stories for the groups that would form the "evidence" which would "convict" the Professor. At least in the eyes of the art world, because we didn't think we could stop him otherwise. This really bothered Michael, as the man was behind the murder of the Uncle of his fiancé.

Rather than focus on what we couldn't do, we did what we could, headed back home. It seemed uneventful, but the plan no longer needed us. All we had to do was protect the original artifacts that got us into this mess.

When you're so focused on your Plan, you forget something, having a plan doesn't mean your opponent gives up on his. Sam and Michael knew that, some how I lost sight of it. Until I ended up in a hospital from something more than food poisoning.

He tried it with Otecko too, but he's a much pickier eater. I know it sounds petty, but how did I become the punching bag of it all? I was contemplating this when Michael walked in.

"The Professor pulled something. The government was forced to force us to hand over the artifacts. Otherwise the Czech Republic would have withdrew their Ambassador."

"So we've lost? I get shot, I …" he held up his hand to stop me. "Relax, we actually won. The Professor thought he would get them home, away from us, and take them. We don't do things that way. We watch what we give up, and we put conditions on them."

"Not only are they on permanent display in the National Museum, they have to be authenticated every six months, by a rotating group of experts. Sam got that put in, to keep the Professor's hands off."

"So he won't try?" Michael winked. "No, so he will. On top of Sam's longer plans, we're adding some honey for the bear to try. If we can catch his hands in an attempt, we can arrest him for something. Then I can give my bride a really good wedding present, justice for her Uncle."

Family, justice, and coffee are important to the Stefaniak family. We would get the Professor, we had paid to high a price not to. The battle wasn't over, but we could see the light of day streaming in.

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