Eddington Java And Jewelry

Daylight doesn't suddenly happen, it's not like a light switch. You don't suddenly blink and it's day, it's gradual. Plus, light never completely goes away, the moon is a reflection of the sun, and the stars are there, even when you can't see them.

What does all this have to do with java and jewelry? It's a reminder that good always wins, light is better than darkness, and hope never gives up. I saw that over the next few days from my hospital bed. Otecko would spend the afternoons with me, and he would tell me the stories of how men and women made a difference, on both sides of the ocean.

He knew I didn't need daily updates on what Sam was doing, only to be reminded that he was doing something. "Consistency in coffee and life Tomàs, that produces lasting results." The day I checked out, was a little different.

Otecko came in almost bouncing, he was happy as could be. "Someone has attempted to put their hand in the cookie jar. The trouble is, no cookies, only prunes. The Professor has misstepped, and we will use the opportunity to knock him off his feet!"

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