Eddington Prune Coffee Cake

I hate prunes, and I love coffee. Why someone got the idea to put them together into a prune coffee cake I’ll never know. I don’t like when people get the bright idea to put good and bad things together. The same thing happens with news, it’s usually a mixture of good and bad.

At least it has been for us the last few months with this mess. Now, we had the good news that the Professor’s so called Gardener was caught trying to steal the artifacts. The bad news, it was the Professor who reported him before he was caught.

Apparently the Professor sold the authorities on the fact that he had overheard a conversation the gardener had with someone at his club. When the gardener and his crew made an attempt to steal the artifacts, the police were waiting.

“Why would he make an attempt and report it?” Sam frowned when he answered me. “He’s gloating. He’s letting us know that he is not only aware of what we were trying, but that he’s smarter. More importantly, he discredits the one connection that was a weakness for him.”

“So like always we have nothing. When are we going to either win, or lose? I’m tired of getting reminded that I’m not brilliant.”

Otecko had been patient, but he had enough of my whining. “Victory in war, is a series of battles, wins and losses. You don’t give up when a few battles go against you. Instead, if you are fighting for what is right, you fight, and you don’t stop to keep score. There isn’t time.”

He looked at Sam. “Where’s the next battle? What do we do now?” Sam scratched his head. “We use what he gave us to work with, his lieutenant, the gardener. Let’s see if we can give him some incentive to teach the Professor something.”

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