Eddington Don’t Make A Caffeinated Man Angry

It was good to be back inside the coffee shop. Even if the new building wasn’t the old one, it represented a never quit attitude. We Stefaniak run towards a battle, not from it.

I sipped a latte as I read a text from Michael. “Gardener won’t crack. I think the Professor has promised him more. Sam’s putting his other plan into action.”

The rest of the day was uneventful. I relished in the boredom, which is highly underrated. It was also a false sense of security. The fun started when I closed.

I offered to help a little lady help to cross the street, and a pistol peeked out at me from her handbag. “Remember me?” It was Grandma Assassin. She motioned, and I unlocked the store.

“Can you not burn down this one?” I said, my anger ebbing out my fear. “I just had it built. If you’re going to shoot me again, get it over with. I’m a little tired of seeing your face.”

“Well, you are more vocal than before. Usually people I shoot are more respectful afterwards. Sadly I’ve been instructed not to kill you. Only to bring you a message from my superior.”

“He’s tired of your family’s interference. Either stop it, or lose them. It’s that simple.”

I snapped, and I didn’t care if she did shoot. “You tell the Professor that no one, not you, not the entire army of a small nation, would get by with threatening them.”

“In our family, there’s a spy, a marine, and a wily old man. Out of them all, as dangerous as Otecko can be, I’m the one he needs to worry about.” I grabbed the gun out of her hand, resisted the urge to hit a woman, and ordered her to set down.

I called 911, told them to come get her, and didn’t say another word until the cruiser pulled up. I locked the door, went home, and hugged my family. No one was going to hurt them, but now the Professor had went to far. You don’t make a man who drinks as much caffeine as I do angry!

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