Eddington A Bad Brew

I had come up with a plan, it was crazy, and almost certainly suicidal. Two things I am not, and then I brewed up a variation of my idea. It was still risky, but I told myself I’d live. Of course I took precautions, I even called Sam, Otecko, and my Wife to say goodbye.

Three days later, the Professor was in a museum. The curator had ask him to be a guest lecturer to a group of business men who had important connections. I slipped in behind them, after changing out of the delivery disguise I used to get past the metal detectors.

At just the right moment of the Professor’s lecture my plan was to trick him into confessing in front of this group, out of fear. It was a good plan, the men were plants by Sam. I was wired, and the gun was fake so I wouldn’t accidentally shoot myself or anyone else.

I was gearing up my nerve when a shot rang out. Suddenly I hit the floor. We got in a vehicle I didn’t recognize and headed to the hospital. I hoped I would live, the doctors weren’t as convinced. I’m going in and out, so I hope I can get back to you.

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