The Native This Season

For the last two years at, we’ve explored the Nativity from this perspective. That The Creator Of Heaven made Earth His Home, and Bethlehem His birthplace. We call it The Native, and it is now available in paperback and eBook form at

This is a very special book, most importantly because of Who it’s about, but also for another reason. Our goal at PruittWrites is to add value through words and pictures. This book has twenty five different pieces of art, created specifically for this book.

I so enjoyed both the writing and the painting of this Bible Study.  hope you enjoy it also. Christmas has always been my favorite time of year, and I’ve long wanted to write something about the most important part of Christmas.

This book is all about The Lord Jesus, but it also highlights Joseph and Mary, the Shepherds, The Wisemen, And even the Apostle Paul. I pray your blessed this Christmas, and I hope you enjoy The Native this wonderful season.

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