Eddington The Coffee Grinder

“What did he hit me with? How much blood did I lose?” I asked when I came too. Sam frowned and looked at me, then Otecko, “A Bag Of Coffee. You were right. I thought he’d put it together faster.”

Otecko laughed. “Growing up, He always mountain, and not the mole hill.” I looked down, but couldn’t see any bandages. Michael laughed too. “You weren’t shot cousin. You were outsmarted.”

“How did the Professor poison me? I took Sam’s suggestion and ate stuff I bought.” They all laughed. Otecko explained. “The professor didn’t poison you, we drugged you. Who do you think sent you to that market? Who do you think the person who ground your coffee works for?”

Why? We had a plan?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Sam explained. “No, you had a death wish, Otecko had a plan. He knew he couldn’t stop you from trying, unless you thought I was helping you. Drugging you kept you from getting killed the instant you walked passed the museum security, who are the Professor’s guys.”

“So you let me go to all this trouble for nothing? How did you know when the drugs would work? Now the Professor is still out there, and threatening our family. It never ends.”

Otecko sat on the edge of my bed. “Wrong, it’s over. The Professor is under arrest, and the treasure is safe, while a fake sits on display now, do not ask. All is resolved.”

I leaned up, with my head spinning in confusion? “How?” Otecko held up a finger. “You are still woozy, Rest. I’ll explain in the morning.” I protested that I couldn’t sleep not knowing, that I’d be up all night. They told me the next morning I was out in five minutes.

Next week, the conclusion of Eddington.

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