A Different Look

If you want a different look at both The Nativity, and the Christmas season, we hope you’ll check out The Native on our Amazon page.

It merges four passions together. Most importantly, a love for God, and His Word. Second, a love of Christmas, the meaning behind it, as well as the seasonal events. Third, writing, that adds value to others. Finally a love of art.

All of these come together in a very special book called The Native. It is available in both paperback and eBook, on our Amazon page. Along with several other books, some religious, some mysteries and family adventures, art books, and even seasonal fare.

Whatever your interest, we believe you’ll find something beneficial to choose from. This is because our goal is to add value to the reader through words and pictures. We hope you’ll stop by, pick up, and enjoy reading what PruittWrites.

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