Fill The Hollow

Exodus 38:7

7 And he put the poles through the rings on the sides of the altar to carry it with them. He made it hollow, with boards.

When referring to the Brazen Altar, verse seven says that it was made hollow with boards. Hollow things are meant to be filled up. A hollow is defined, not only as an unfilled space, but a small valley.

Both in your everyday Altar, for it was used daily, and in those hollow valleys of your life, prayer is the best means of filling it. Prayer fills a place with two presences, yours and God’s presence. You come to Him to share your worship, your fellowship, and your needs. He comes to you, to share His love, counsel, power, and wisdom.

Fill the hollow of your day, your situation, and your life with His presence. As the old song says, A Little Talk With Jesus Makes It Right!

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