TCSC Ep 7 – The Almost Victim

I heard from him every few days, while I was getting started into my own investigations. One for my job, and the other about all of this. Both cases were void of any signs of a solution it seemed.

Monty was having better luck, but his kind of good fortune can get you killed. He did find out two important things in the midst of staying a few steps ahead of danger. First, the name of the man who sold the stamp, and the date of that person’s death.

We had three victims, and I was praying Monty wouldn’t be number four. Why so much fuss over a stamp very few collectors wanted up to two years ago? Monty said one name kept surfacing, and he was still alive!

So Monty was trying to get into see him, but a federal prison frowns on strangers visiting inmates. Imagine his surprise a few days later when he got a call from the man’s lawyer. He had barely survived an attack in prison, and wanted to see Monty.

Apparently he had heard of my husband, which terrified me. If he knew, there was a good chance the murderer knew Monty wanted a meeting. I wasn’t happy about him visiting the almost victim, and eventually whoever masterminded all of this.

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