25 Devotions- Day Sixteen

The Native: While You Were There

Luke 2:6
6 And so it was, that, while they were there, the days were accomplished that she should be delivered.

“While you’re here, could you?” “We were on vacation and this happened …” We’re used to these statements, although we cringe as we hear them. Those unexpected events in life that we were hoping would happen at a different time. Mary and Joseph had one of those moments when Mary first felt the labor pains.

There is little doubt that she would have preferred to feel those first signs before or after the trip, or at least after they were in a room at the inn. As often in life, even with the most blessed event of all time, it didn’t happen that way. The Lord Jesus was going to arrive, whether they were ready or not.

Whether the room had been prepared, or the water was boiling, or the doctor was at hand. It’s the same way with our situations today. At some point in your life, you’re going to find yourself receiving or giving in what appears to be the off season.

That’s why The Lord counseled us to be instant in season and out of season. I submit to you that the timing of Christ’s arrival was as in season as possible, even though they may not have known it.

“We look at the unexpected, or the untimely as a punishment. Our thinking is, if it arrived without warning, there should have been a warning attached. Obviously, in the case of The Master, that wasn’t true.

At the same time, if we’re not serving Him, the thoughts of His return today can be scary, not because of His condition, but our own. He stated that He is returning for a people that have made themselves ready.

However ready doesn’t mean a perfect people, but a Church that is watching for Him. You can be prepared for surprises, even if you don’t know when it’s exactly going to happen.

Our hearts can still be prepared, even if circumstances throw us. The surprise may shake us for a minute, but if our souls are aligned with His, then all will be well. Later, Jesus tried to teach the Disciples on the boat this principle.

If Jesus is present, the journey will be successful. That doesn’t mean your unexpected, blessed events won’t be painful. In birth, it’s the absence of pain that is abnormal. If we will be faithful in the inconvenient, the untimely, and the unanticipated, the joy of the birth will eclipse the anxiety of the moment.

The same is true of Our King’s return, If we’re watching for Him. Mary and Joseph would have preferred the birth to happen when they were settled, but they were ready when it happened.

Their circumstances weren’t settled, but they were. Mary knew that she had to give her all. Joseph knew that he had to be there for her and Jesus. As a result, although it was in a barn far from home, it was an ordained part of their story and ours.

What ever you’re experiencing right now, whatever the unexpected circumstance in your life, take heart. He saw it coming, and with His help, you can make it through it, and come out on top. You may even reach souls you didn’t know you could win. They may one day begin their story with this statement. “I came to The Lord, while they were there!”

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