TCSC Ep 9 – Danger Is A Family Trait

“Half of my life is classified, and I don’t have enough clearance to know what it is.” Monty was joking through his frustrations, but he was upset. Apparently, most likely for safety, he has been kept in the dark about his life for almost the entirety of it so far.

He had a Stepfather that he didn’t know he had. He didn’t know how his crook of a relative , Brendan, figured in, if he was a crook that is. His line over, “We weren’t supposed to be important.”, kept rolling through our brains.

Now, he finds out just enough to create a thousand questions without answers. Sven had been at the prison when Monty got there. He wouldn’t let him talk to the man. Apparently he had a court order that changed everything.

The two of them argued. Monty wasn’t getting anywhere. Until Monty suddenly stopped, smiled, and asked to use the Warden’s office a minute. The man agreed, they both waited at the closed door to keep Monty from trying something. A half hour later they opened it, to make sure he was still there.

He was, and was just ending a call when they did. Monty had found a loophole. The order barred Monty from seeing the man, not talking to him. He had called the man’s lawyer back, and asked for him to conference in his client.

The man agreed, and Monty got his answers. He didn’t tell the Warden, but Sven insisted Monty leave with him instead of the Warden. An Monty shared this story with Sven as they were walking to the car. That was when the argument started, right before a vehicle ran them off the road.

Then the three men in the suv started shooting at them. Monty took out his weapons, yes he carries two when necessary, and is a sharp marksman. He’s almost as good as I am. What surprised him was the gun Sven took out.

It wasn’t the fact that he had a gun, but the kind it was. Once they had wounded the three men, they forced them to switch cars, Sven’s being no longer mobile. Monty held his weapons on both until they pulled away.

After this Monty asked Sven what government agency he worked for. Sven made some joke about no one that knew him believing he worked for the government. Monty’s reply let him know he wasn’t falling for it.

“Exactly what an agent would want people around him to think. What’s so important that you’ve kept secrets from me my entire life. Do I ever get to know why my family is crazy?”

Sven looked at him, smiled, and responded. “My boy, didn’t you know, all families are crazy. You’ll learn the truth one day, but I’m hoping able to put some distance between the parties involved before you do.”

That’s when another vehicle rammed into them head on. This one, Monty had to help Sven limp away from. The other driver took a little while to extract himself from his overturned vehicle. While they did, they looked for cover. It was during these events that Sven shared just enough to make Monty want to know more.

All of this he told me after at least two more gunfights. It was a long day for him, and would be a long night for me. I had just discovered something when Monty hung up the last time. If it was true, Monty wasn’t the only one in trouble, my employer was too, from me. Apparently danger is a family trait!

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