Goals – The Hammer, The City, And The Plane

To set a goal, is to set a boundary. That is what the word means, it’s from Middle English meaning limit or boundary. It may seem counterintuitive, but think about it.

A finish line is boundary, a limit to the race. Once you achieve that goal, you are no longer bound by the same limits. It’s time to set a new goal.

We are coming to the boundary of December 31. Some will cross it having successfully crossed the finish line of the goals, or boundaries they set last year. Others will step from 2017 to 2018, still hoping to achieve the dreams of 2016, 2015, or even 1999. Most of us will be a mixture of the two.

I doubt we have achieved every goal we set last year, and that’s ok. Should we have done better, most likely. Yet, you and I can’t change our progress from yesterday to today.

We can however, step up our consistency today, reaching into tomorrow. Once there, we can do it again. Goal setting is wonderful, anyone can do it. Goal achieving requires consistency.

The old adage slow and steady wins the race is true. It’s not because of the level of the speed, but the level of the steady pace. A moving man will get somewhere, a person standing still will go nowhere. So don’t knock yourself for what you didn’t do.

Instead, figure out what you can do each day, to get to where you want, or need to go. I’ve got some goals I set for 2018. Some are improvements on last year, some are goals I failed in last year, and some are new opportunites and challenges that I didn’t see coming last December.

A ninety year old man, who used to be a carpenter, was too weak to drive a nail into a wall in one sitting now. He remembered what he used to do, but wasn’t about to allow it to stop him from doing what he could. So, each morning, and each night, he hit the nail once, as hard as he could. In three days, on his ninety first birthday, he hung the picture.

That picture, was of the city he had always wanted to visit, but told himself he could never afford. There was something about hanging that picture though. It didn’t happen over night, but on his ninety second birthday, he and his family stepped off the plane and into the airport of the city in the photo. Next year, his goal is to fly the plane. He won’t start flying, he’ll start with the manual.

Plan. Gear up for 2018, get your mindset ready, and then read page 1, with page 2 in mind. Before we know it, we’ll turn the page on another year, better than when we opened it.

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