One Verse

One verse. There have been days, complete periods of time, where one verse carried me. It’s not always the same one of course. Some days it’s from my daily reading, if it’s not invested in, it can’t return to you, or from days passed.

A lifetime of reading God’s Word, the new practice of a new believer, or a re-committed one, is more than routine. It is a lifeline for your future peril. A lesson for our not yet given children. A shoulder for future burdens, and for current anxiety. Prayer, reading God’s Word, and Fasting, which we all must do more of, are the cornerstone of today, and the building blocks of tomorrow.

Whether you set goals, or make resolutions, make time daily for a Heavenly conversation, and consistent time away from the table. In 2018, you may or may not lose those ten pounds, learn to play the clarinet, or go back to college, but you can do something life altering.

Five minutes in daily prayer, two chapters at least daily, and regular fasting will make more of an impact than you can ever imagine. You’ll find that prayer becomes part of your thought life more throughout the day. A battle will arise, and a verse will come to mind that is a perfect defense against it. Fasting will not only temporary subdue the flesh, it will help to keep it in line throughout the rest of your year.

I challenge you in this new year to come. Do these three things daily. A year from now, you’ll find these three commitments, we’ll make you richer in spirit, give you more peace in the storms of life, and make you more productive in every area of your soul and life.

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