TCSC Ep 11 – Bullets For An Appetizer

It’s a funny how your mind works in a crisis. I imagined a conversation with my supervisor. “How did you spend New Year’s Eve? You watched the ball drop you say? My spouse and I were pushed out of a plane over a canyon.” I told you I’d get back to that.

Monty and I, through his amazing surprise, we’re able to celebrate Christmas, but New Years was another story. He said goodbye December 26, and I went back to my undercover work. The next couple of days, I thought I had hit a breakthrough.

I had found something that would give me the leverage I needed to turn one of the minor players against one of his bosses. It turned out, it was a setup. Although I didn’t know it until we were to meet in a small restaurant outside of the city. It was an ambush.

Before I got to the door, I was hit on the head, muffled, and blindfolded . Then thrown into the passenger side of a car. It took off at a high rate of speed, and I heard shots, and felt swerving. I was angry, tired, and confused. When the blindfold came off, and I saw my captor, I was thoroughly surprised.

A lot of Mother-In-Laws have wanted to tie up their daughter-in-laws, mine had actually followed through with it. “Don’t look so surprised dear. It was either this, or let them serve you bullets for an appetizer.”

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