Acrylic Jacob Sees The Wagons

The Word says that Jacob revived when he saw the wagons Joseph had sent.  This is my attempt at reflecting it in acrylic.  As you know, I’m passionate about God, writing, and art. My goal is to reflect Him in both my writing and artwork.

It’s the primary way I hope to add value to my readers, reminding them of God’s support, even in dark times.  The sky is purposely darker behind Jacob, than it is before him.  Yet, the cloud, fills both places.

The Lord is with us every hour, and will bring us from the darkest hour, into brightest day.  I wondered painting this, if the same road Joseph’s wagons rode in on, was the road that he was carried on, captive into Egypt?

Either way, Joseph lived, Jacob revived, and the pathway to Moses and the Passover rolled ever closer to arriving.  I hope you enjoy this acrylic, Jacob And The Wagons.


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