TCSC Ep 13 – Overkill

We didn’t end up meeting immediately after all. He called me back, saying the flight had been postponed, due to business. That he would meet me there for a conversation late on New Year’s eve. I thought it was abrupt, but with Monty on his own investigation, I had no plans for New Years.

When I showed up, the airport wasn’t festive. Who flies New Year’s Eve? My client had a small entourage on his private plane, including, it turns out, a late arrival.

“I heard you had some concerns about the investigation.” My client was interrupted by his business partner’s security man. “I’m afraid this conversation will have to wait. Your partner found out about your little investigation, and it’s very upsetting to my employer.”

The bearded man pulled out a knife, which should have clued me in, it didn’t. My reflexes kicked in, and I kicked the knife out of his hand, and knocked him to the ground, holding the knife defensively against his throat. My client sighed, and pulled out a gun.

“This was meant to simply arrange things, now it’s going to escalate. Mr. Lindsay, please remove the disguise, and you and your wife take a seat. Pilot, start the plane.”

I looked at the man, I wasn’t convinced it was Monty, until the disguise came off. His only response to my shock was, “Look At the knife.” It was the knife from a similar adventure when we first met. He had retrieved it after the investigation, had it engraved, and given it to me as a gift.

That knife had a long history with us, and it would continue to. Right now, it was in my pocket. Our client wasn’t concerned about it. He was more interested in our elevation.

“This is what’s going to happen. You two are going to die. You can either be shot First, and then dropped. Or you can delude yourself and exit the plane on your own power. I don’t care which, so are you realists or delusional.”

Monty answered for us. “I’ve never been a fan of the word overkill, we’ll jump.” My former client only laughed, shook his head, and motioned us to the door. He did say two words as we exited the plane that Dec 31. “Happy New Years!”

You may have noticed, I kept saying my client, instead of giving a name.  There’s a reason for that.  I’ll tell you next week, after I catch my breath.

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