TCSC Ep 14 – It Wasn’t The Afternoon

When I first started telling you this story, I made one mistake, I referred to the fall as happening this afternoon. Sleep deprivation will do that to you. It’s also probably why I’m mentally telling a story to someone who isn’t there.

“Monty, we’ve been running for two days straight, with no sleep. Where are we going? We’re in the California desert, there’s nothing here!”

Monty kissed me. “You’d think that wouldn’t you old girl? Then, as Brendan would say, we weren’t supposed to be important.” He finished this as we came to a small clearing, and a helicopter!

The pilot looked familiar. When we got closer, I knew why, once I saw it was Brendan. “Monty, Charlotte, why couldn’t you have been a normal, everyday stamp collector?”

To which my Monty replied. “The same reason you had to be a spy.” Then his legs almost buckled under him from exhaustion. Brendan helped us in the helicopter, handed us water, and told us to drink it slowly.

We lifted off and flew to… Well, you’re not going to believe it. So I’ll tell you next week.

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