He Is Prepared

God has a plan for you and for me. One that isn’t destroyed by life’s circumstances, one that includes Mercy for our failures, and our fears. That doesn’t mean life is easy, and fairness is such a misunderstood concept.

Joseph’s situation didn’t seem fair until you saw how he rescued his family, and the known world from famine. Abraham’s situation didn’t seem fair, but if Sarah had Isaac any earlier, Rebecca would not have existed yet. Every step God is walking with you, both the sure and the unsteady ones. Each has a purpose.

Whatever this day holds, He is prepared for, especially when we’re not. Today wasn’t unexpected for Him, and He has the answers for it. We may not find out all the why’s and when’s right away, but as long as we know Who knows all, every question has an answer. In my life I’ve learned that bringing everything to Jesus, takes care of everything!

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