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God’s Goodness

I was thinking today of how good God has been to us.  First and foremost of course, is His salvation that He has given all of us. Second, is the fact that Jesus is with us, in everything we face, the good and the bad.

Too maby times, we focus more  on our circumstances, than the fact that He is in the boat.  He wasn’t amazed by the storm, but by the Disciple’s unbelief. How often are we that way? If we can get beyond looking at what we’re facing, to Who is facing it with us, then what we’re up against will be a miniature compared to Jesus.

Whether your conditional barometer reads low or high pressure right now, remember He is our Comfort. It’s like the old line of that Ray Charles song, He is gonna love us, come rain or shine.  Jesus is constant, so we’re constantly going to be okay! God is good!