TCSC Ep 16 – The Diplomat

“A Chinese diplomat married an American girl. The man was a noble man, working to bring reforms for his people. He and his wife had two daughters, and raised them happily. He was able to work discretely for years.”

“It was no small feat, considering his brother was very much his opposite. His brother was also very powerful, and that influence and position grew over time. They were both grandfathers when it all happened.

The Chinese diplomat’s daughters had met and married in Canada where he served in the embassy. They each had a child, a boy. It wasn’t long after until the man’s brother learned the truth. He acted quickly and cruelly, even reaching through illegal channels across the sea to the man’s daughters and son-in-laws.”

At this point we were all in tears, especially Monty’s Mom, who had been explaining all of this. Sven hugged his wife. He cleared his throat, and finished out the story.

“A friend of mine in Canadian intelligence contacted me. They had the family under surveillance when the diplomat was recalled, but no one expected this from family. The day the unexpected happened, the agents immediately moved in to rescue the children.”

“Jim knew the story they invented about the children wouldn’t deter anyone, and that he had to get them as far away as they could. It had to be done outside of official channels, backwater all the way. You two were driven to the orphanage in a fur store van. The two people caring for you were nurses from the local hospital.”

“Your Mother went in to make sure the records the orphanage had were solely the story that needed to stay there, and to speed safe adoptions for each. We had to make sure the nurses hadn’t added what little they knew. The idea was to let these two cousins get adopted quickly, preferably to different coasts, move all the children to safe homes, and destroy all records.”

“Then, your Mother saw you, and she sent me a picture. I hadn’t looked at either, trying to separate myself from the work. I knew when I got the photo, our lives had changed forever.”

Brendan finished out the rest. “It turns out, Mom wasn’t the only one snooping in the orphanage. Thankfully Mom got there first, but just barely. Two agents showed up, pretending to be a couple wanting to adopt a child.”

“This is where drama and creative writing earned more than college credits. Dad’s contact and quick information filled in the gaps. Mom invented a history for two non-existent boys, had them funneled through this orphanage to another in the state.”

“Then she switched some records around to make us look like the children of a runaway that no one knew much about. None of this had to be immediately air tight, just enough to convince the agents when they started sneaking around. While they were still laying out their act to the people at the orphanage, Mom slipped out of the office.”

“She snuck into the nursery, grabbed us both, and handed us to Dad and another friend out the window. Dad filled in all the trail that the agents would follow up on, and they began following a phantom trail for two important children.”

“We weren’t supposed to be important. Mom and Dad planned to leave the agency, raise us to be something successful but low profile, and live happily ever after. Things didn’t turn out that way, thanks again, ironically to family. We’re just not sure if it was Uncle Will, or Uncle Jim.”

Find out more next week in The Cinderella Stamp Collector!

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