TCSC Ep 17 – Dangerous Uncles

“For the first few years, we were safe. I think the diplomat’s brother suspected something, but all evidence pointed away from us. Until I was about two, either Jim, or Will, the agent that helped Mom and Dad that night, gave us up. Mom and Dad were on the run with us after that.”

“They knew that, if the diplomat found out, he’d be looking for a couple, an agent and her handler. So , Mom became a single Mother on paper, Dad hid their marriage records, and pulled some strings. To the world, and to us, he became our Uncle, but that wasn’t enough.”

“They realized they couldn’t leave the game, they had to stay in, to keep close enough to hear information. That’s when Mom started her eccentric phase. She was painting a picture of an agent who was slipping, slowly into a nervous breakdown.”

“Dad had cooked it up. It was his way of staying in, and getting Mom to be blackballed off of duty. If she was free, and sane, then she could keep an eye on us, and he would worry less. Of course he sold Mom on the watching us part.”

“A couple of guys showed up at my high school when I was seventeen, but Dad got there right after them. He had no choice but to let me see him rescue us. That’s when I found out he was an agent. We got the two men to admit who they worked for, and that someone had given them our location.”

Brendan paused for a minute, and looked at Monty. “The next day they found both Jim and Will dead. Monty, Mom and Dad, and me wanted to keep you safe. They didn’t like it that I chose to go into the business, but now I knew. Someone needed to protect them, and you, and I wasn’t going to let you all down.”

“We thought it best to keep you in the dark, but the trouble is, you’re too smart. If we stonewalled, you’d figure it out. So, I gave you a believable fake story about me getting in trouble. From the outside, an agent can make his life look a lot like a crook’s life. “

“There was a couple of flaws with my plan, which is why Dad cooked up the dangerous Uncle angle. It gave my getting involved in things a backstory. Plus, if Dad was loaded, but the funds were under close scrutiny, Dad and I could keep an on any prying eyes that looked into them.”

“Also, it would push you away from us, meaning away from danger. It was the hardest thing we ever did, but it was meant to give you a safe, peaceful, quiet life. Only you chose an amazingly high profile career.”

Sven laughed. “I gave you a stamp collecting kit when you were nine, you were fascinated. When you decided to study history, art, science, and archaeology in college, our little genius, I figured you’d end up in a university or museum. Who knew you’d be the swashbuckling stamp guy.”

“Your work drew too much attention, and that’s how the diplomat’s grandson found you. That’s Who Charlotte’s client really is. Monty, you didn’t know all this til now, so I have a question. Who did you think he was, and how did you know Charlotte was in danger that night? Also, why did you call your Mother? How did you know she could save her?”

We all looked at Monty, including me. Apparently my Cinderella Stamp Collector had a few secrets of his own. I tell you more about that next week.

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