TCSC Ep 19 – Trust And Help

“It turns out that our, the Chinese diplomat, our Grandfather, though I did not know it at the time, was a man of surprises. In addition to trying to protect his family, he was a protector of artifacts.”

“His family had a collection of rare Chinese imperial artifacts. One that he inherited, and his brother wanted. Apparently it was never recovered. My first guess was that it was being sought out by the Chinese government, but I learned that it wasn’t.”

“Sven, Dad, I guess, is that where the family money comes from? Is that why the purse strings are so controlled, to give time for liquidation? You’re and Mom’s story didn’t explain where the money comes from.”

Sven was tired, but he knew his son was just trying to find some answers. “No son, we never had it. I assumed the diplomat’s brother got ahold of it. Our money comes from something else. I’d rather not explain that right now, I’m going to ask that you trust me.”

Monty stood there a few seconds as if deciding. I saw the lines smooth in his face, he had decided to trust. Later that night, he told me that they had risked everything for him and Brendan, how could he not believe in them.

“I do trust you. Anyway, the person who sent me the postcard almost broke his neck trying to get away from me. He thought I was the guy sending him the death threats. When I finally convinced him otherwise, he showed me what he had that they wanted. That’s when I knew Lottie was in danger, and that Mom could help.”

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