TCSC Ep 20 – Scribbled In Fear

“I’m still putting it all together, but what he showed me told me enough. I expected to see a photo of some ancient porcelain, instead he showed me a list. Scribbled beside the typed list, was a name, with the word Agent  in front of it.”

“It looked familiar, but it took a second. It was one of Mom’s earlier aliases. On the last line of the list, scribbled in another color ink, was kill Charlotte Lindsay. I called Mom, told her enough, and she started following Lottie. Then rescued her.”

I squeezed my Mother In Law’s hand. The woman I had totally misread for years, smiled in a kind, quiet humility I liked. I could see now, the difference in the grandiose act she had put on, though at the time totally believable.

Then a thought occurred to me. “Monty, how did a list of names tell you it wasn’t just a threat? I mean people have threatened to kill me a lot in the past.”

He didn’t laugh. “Because all of the dead people we’ve encountered through this, were in the middle of the list. Nearer the top, were Uncle Will and Uncle Jim. Then farther up, I saw my name, and Brendan’s, scribbled beside of the words two orphans, in the same color ink as your name.”

Sven spoke next. “How did you convince the guy to listen?” Monty smiled. “I showed him my ID. When he knew I was Montague Lindsay, he figured he was safe. His name was scribbled above Lottie’s. He figured he I could help him.”

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