Your Local Church

I’d like to talk to you briefly about the benefits of your local Church. I Love our Church, Point Of Mercy in Nashville, Tennessee. Ashley and I receive so much from being part of our Church.

We receive countless things from it, but here are just a few. We receive vision, strength, encouragement, and hope from our relationships with God, and His people in our local Church. I’d like to talk to you about them today.


Most importantly, God speaks through the Shepherd that He has appointed to our local assembly. This isn’t an opinion of a man, but a Message from God through His servant. The sermons I’ve received have made more of an impact than any college lecture, work seminar, or speech I have ever heard. This is because they weren’t only man’s insights, they were God anointed, and appointed.


Second, not only do we receive strength from Heaven directly, we receive it through our brothers and sisters. Most great musicians will tell you, it’s less about talent, and more about practice and muscle memory. The muscle memory won’t develop, if consistent practice doesn’t happen.

When a violinist practices, his body and mind work in unison. Trials will wear at your body, and tear at your mind, but regular Church attendance, will cause you to plug in to a body of believers. Church relationships are more than acquaintances.

They’re relationships within the body of Christ, much like nerves and muscles. So many times, even when I didn’t realize it, a conversation before and after Church, helps me through the battle I’m facing.


At the risk of sounding old fashioned, you can’t experience what you do not attend. Because of those encounters before and after service, I am here today. The strength and encouragement you receive, plugged into a body of believers, connects you with the body of Christ.

Yes Jesus is the head of the Church, but the foot doesn’t immediately connect to the head, that would look odd. The foot has a connection through nerves, which flow from the leg, and so on. It’s my hope to encourage you today to connect, or reconnect with your local Church.


If you’ve been hurt in Church, I understand, I’ve been there. I’ve also been hurt at home, at work, and on vacation. Yet I still go to all three, because there’s another word that starts with h at each of them, hope. The hope we have in Jesus, and with the fellowship of believers, far outweighs the hurt individuals have caused us.

Don’t allow anything to associate the house of hope with a place of hurt. I venture, per capita, there is more hurt which occurs at a hospital, than any other place, but babies are still born there. People learn to walk again, hearts are repaired, and families emerge from it. Let a greater place than City General birth New hope in you today.

If you don’t have one, find a Bible believing Church, and commit to the house of hope today. It will produce a life of vision, strength, encouragement, and hope.

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