TCSC Ep 21 – Love, Not Money

Monty continued his explanation. “The man said the people who wanted us dead were no longer worried about the Chinese Diplomat’s influence, they wanted his treasure. That it was the real reason everyone wanted us dead. That’s why I was wondering about where our finances came from.”

Sven looked at his wife, then sighed. “I was hoping to keep you boys safe, but you have to know. There is no porcelain treasure, or ancient artifacts. What the Diplomat called an imperial collection, was the burden and responsibility he felt, for all those innocents hurt by people in his family. He came from a long line that had worked in the different forms of his government from ancient time.”

“He felt his responsibility was to rescue as many as he could, protect, and free everyone in danger that he could. He sold piece by piece, the family collection to pay for operations to move people to safer situations. Over time, he decided to use the names of the collection as code.”

“This way, if anyone outside of his team discovered any paperwork, they’d assume he was smuggling artifacts, and not people. Hiding his most precious treasure in plain sight, the lives he saved. Those lives are still in danger, and your Mother and I, along with some others, sort of inherited the job.”

“Our money doesn’t come from anywhere exciting, or dangerous. The fact is, your Grandmother, my Mom, was loaded. She made several bundles in the stock market, and those bundles continue to make more.”

“Mom worked as a secretary for twenty five years for a company. She believed in it, and invested in it early. Then she started using it to make more purchases.”

“At her retirement party, she bought the company. The only mistake she made, was telling my brother we were wealthy. He never worked another day, and wasted his life. I wanted you boys to have what you needed, but I wanted you to have initiative too.”

“My brother was a genius, we’ve got the IQ tests to prove it, but he stopped trying. Last I heard of him, he vanished after a week in a little island off the coast of the Caribbean. I loved you boys too much to let money ruin you.”

“That’s also why I was so cold and distant the last few years. There was a hit out on me, and I couldn’t risk being near you all. Telling you would have meant you wanted to protect me, and I couldn’t have that.”

“Brendan didn’t even know that part til now. I used other excuses to keep him away. They bombed a hotel I was supposed to have been in when you were 17. My plane was late, it’s the day I decided to play the heavy to keep you away.”

“I couldn’t risk your Mother, or you all. So I advised a plan to root out the money behind who was trying to kill me. I recently found the answer, and I didn’t like the news.”

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