Miracles Of The Almost

Yesterday, in Nashville, we almost had a tornado, it was not only predicted, it was expected. While our hearts go out to those who did experience the storm, and we should always care for other’s storms, we are thankful this storm did not occur here. In life, we should be mindful of the miracles of the almost.

Which brings me back to my statement. We almost had a tornado. Someone almost lost a home. Someone almost didn’t have a loved one to wake up beside of. We should be grateful not only for the miracles, healings, and battles we win, but those we are not required to face.

Someone will face some of these battles, and many have. Life affecting battles of some kind, will come all of our way. If we’re thankful for the blessings, it will make the battles, not easy, but lighter. When you realize how wonderful it is to breathe in the sunshine, when you’re expecting to pick up the pieces after a tornado, it makes the rain much easier to bare!

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