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TCSC Ep 23 – Beautiful Trap

The next few days were blissfully uneventful. I called my real boss, told them I was in danger, dropping the case I had been hired for, and to fire our client. According to what I was told, it would happen, but I knew it wouldn’t.

I’ll explain why later, right then I didn’t care. I wasn’t a quitter, and the case would get wrapped up, but I couldn’t put the guy in prison while working for him. I had to be free to work against him. He had threatened my family, and thrown my husband and I out of a plane.

It was time to rearrange the pieces. Ironically it would take a stamp to do it, though not the kind I expected. Monty came in after the call, holding a piece of porcelain. He flipped it over, showed me the stamped underside of the piece, and began to smile. When it clicked, I did too.

This whole time, evil men were looking for their own version of Cinderella. Whether it was dominance, power, or a family treasure, they wanted something to slip their ugly foot in. We’d give them something to step into all right, a very beautiful trap.

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