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TCSC Ep 24 – Stamp Of Approval

We took a break from our struggles this weekend, to do something very special. Monty had it in his coat pocket when we slipped into the pew. We were near a little Church on the outskirts of town.

After the Easter service, which was wonderful, Monty handed the Pastor an envelope. He whispered quickly to him, and we left. Each of us couldn’t help smiling on the way to the car.

We read the story in the paper two days later. “Pastor sells rare Stamp, pays off Church mortgage.” When interviewed, they asked the Pastor how he had obtained it. His answer thrilled us.

“It was Easter. God reminded us through this, that He continuously watches over His people. From empty tombs, to unexpected blessings, God always opens a door. No matter the obstacle, He puts His stamp of approval on those who trust in Him!”

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