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Stop And Think

Stop and think … In every aspect of life, it helps to stop and think.  The first argument to this is, in those emergencies when we don’t have time to stop and think. Actually, while it’s true that you don’t at that moment, the person who acts, has already stopped and thought previously.

Something in their lives, whether good or bad, has stopped them in their tracks. Either intentionally, or unintentionally, something impacted you enough to think.  That compelled you to act in a situation.  

We can either stop and think on purpose, or by circumstance.  While you can’t plan for everything, you can plan for some things.  Today, take a moment to stop and think.

Stop and think about today. What could you accomplish today that makes someone’s life better. Stop and think about tomorrow, what could you do now, to improve then. Finally stop and think about where you’ve come from, and the blessings that are in your life now. 

Itzhak Perlman, the famous violinist, said that the most powerful moments in music are the pauses. Because they set up the next notes.  Let your pause, help to formulate a better future, as you stop and think.

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TCSC EP 28 – Passport To Trouble

Four names on the list, each was associated with the death of Monty’s biological Grandfather. Number one of course was the Ambassador’s brother, number two and four were major players in the government, but number three was the fuse for the firefight we escaped from.

It was also the only international name on the list.  We had reason to think he was involved, we just didn’t know how deeply at first.  Now we did, you see, he was the only American on the list.  No one else could have organized an attack that quickly.

We were starting to piece together what had happened all those years ago.  Monty didn’t know everything, but we knew the initial person behind the murders, and now we knew the trigger man.  What we had to complete, was how Sven’s brother fits into it all.

Which is why we booked two tickets for a trip, only this time we were going to use them.  Monty and I were headed to the island where Sven’s brother disappeared to, hoping to locate the link between the two groups.

The plane ride was long, and uneventful. It was while they were stamping our passports that we first saw two pairs of eyes watching us. Any hopes I had for a little vacation ended at that moment.  There was going to be trouble, again! I did laugh though when my Cinderella Stamp Collector and I hired a driver, his name was Gus.