A Judaean Stradivarius

A friend of mine had a Grandfather who talked a lot, about his old fiddle. His Grandson, like the rest of his family, didn’t think much about the fiddle. Until one day, they saw a signature on it, which read Stradivarius on it.  

He still doesn’t know if it’s a real Stradivarius or not, but it taught us both something.  It is very easy to overlook something precious, just because you grew up around it.  There were some people like this in The Word Of God.

David comes to mind. His brothers didn’t see much in the shepherd.  They were older, and full of their own future. Yet, when the time came, everyone saw The Love Of God, which was written on David’s heart.

Another Judaean Stradivarius was a boy named Daniel. He was a fugitive, from the royal family of a defeated kingdom. Most conquerors would have killed them all, but God had other plans.  

This young boy, became the statesman prophet. He out lasted, not only the king who conquered his country, but the kings that followed.  God spoke to Daniel, not only about that day, and future days, but the very last days. The king saw his price tag, The Lord saw his value.

They say that the wood that grew in the forest of Cremona were special. There, the trees grew differently because of the weather during the 1700’s. I’m sure not all of them looked special, but they turned out to be.

Isaiah talks of a Root out of dry ground. A young man who had no form nor majesty about Him.  Yet He of all, was the true Judaean Stradivarius.  The Carpenter of Nazareth, was God in disguise.  

He walked into a world with no love song, only tragedies, to play a symphony of hope.  Calvary was the place where Jesus showed the world that all of us had sinned, but all of us could be transformed.  Some say it’s not the materials of a Stradivarius that made it, but the varnish.

Traditionally, part of this process, involved tree resin, and oil touched by sunlight.  Oh how different we are once The Blood is applied to our lives. His anointing transforms us, as He shines into our hearts. A soul changed by The Master, is a creation that reflects Gods Love.  We are sent into the world, quietly, and unassumingly, to point others to The One who transformed us.  

The story is told of an old violin, worn by time, and dusted by neglect.  It’s being sold at an auction, with little success. “What am I bid for this old violin, a dollar, maybe two?”

No one is bidding, until an old man, walks from the back of a crowd.  He takes it from the auctioneer and plays a song. The auctioneer asks, “What am I bid for this violin, 1000, 2,000?”

It’s sold for a high price. After the auction, a bystander asks the auctioneer. “What made the difference in the old violin?”  His reply, you probably guessed, was “The Touch Of The Master’s hand.”  

Only a Stradivari could make a Stradivarius. Only God could craft us from sinners, to Children Of God. He recreated us, through His sacrifice. Now that He has made us new, let us play His song as we go into the world today, pointing others to The One who can transform them. 

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