The Colors Of Music

I was watching an orchestra, and as a Minister and an artist, I noticed more than the sound, but the colors of music. There are not many bright colors, except for the reds and yellows. The rest are blacks, browns, and whites.  

These tones of a symphony, all together point to the music of life itself. In it, there is One Conductor. At best, we all, are many composers, at the least, we are all performers. 

We are all the same blood, and branches of one family, with different parts to play. Our purpose goes beyond the individual notes of our lives and dreams.  Like the path of a symphony, it’s that God conducts us towards a higher calling together, than we could ever achieve apart.  

I considered each hue in the concert hall, and how it reflects the history of man. The greatest brown, not the beautiful crafted cellos, but the fact that Heaven wrapped itself in the dust of man.  The green of Life itself, most likely taking on the brown eyes of man, because we are His focus.

The greatest red in the symphony of man, is not the crimson hues of the violin, but His Love reflected in sacrifice.  The greatest black is not the richness in the clarinet, or the outfits of the performers, but the extent that Light went to dispel darkness. The Conductor, silencing the candle of His body for three days in a darkened grave, yet never extinguishing His Light.

The greatest yellow, not the glittering of the metal instruments, but The Light from an empty tomb. Last of all, the greatest white, isn’t the bright white pages covered with notes, but the guilty transformed from sin covered, to souls, made pure as snow. All of us are the same, just different shades, all sinful men, offered Redemption by a Loving God.  

Each of us, no matter our story, is only a small note in a much greater journey.  One that God wrote, not selfishly, but selflessly.  Each color, and sound, jointly reflects one Message, Jesus Loves us all. How much more should we, strive to work together, to showcase God’s Love?

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