TCSC Ep 25 – Penny Black

Sir Rowland Hill, credited as the primary force behind the creation of the postage stamp, that was the name Monty left at the hotel. My husbands as a sense of humor, and history. 

What we were selling, no one knew, including us.  All we had said was that we had something of value, connected to the family of a certain deceased Chinese Diplomat. Since anything we sold was connected, because of family, we could sell a toothpick and it be the truth, or a postage stamp.

We weren’t interested in the sale, as much as the buyer.  Whoever contacted us, apparently also had a sense of humor.  When asked for a name, the person had left the name of Thomas Neale.

The first person, back when we were under British rule, appointed as a Postmaster in 1691.  The first part of the message was simple, an offer for a million three hundred thousand, but the second part was strange. 

“Tell your Dad I want my Penny Black!”  Monty immediately called Sven.  I thought this was weird, but it was going to get even stranger next week!

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