Because Of Jesus


Why do I love Jesus? Because every moment of life, good or bad, He is with me. In the bad ones, He is holding me up, keeping me from losing myself in the situation.  In the good ones, He is guiding me through, having made possible every blessing I have.

Why do I love God’s people? Because every moment of my life, I have gained from fellowship.  In the bad times, arms stretched out to embrace me, and help bear my burdens. In the good times, my brothers and sisters rejoiced with me.

Why do I love the Church building? Because every moment of my life, she has been there. Comforting me through storms, and celebrating with me in the sunshine. Just the faithful attendance to this meeting place of souls, has kept my soul!

Why do I share this with you? To show the hurting there is hope. To show the rejoicing that there is a greater joy than you’ve ever known.  

To introduce those who have not yet met Jesus, to the greatest friend and only Savior of man.  To those who know Him, to add my voice to the joyful redeemed, who know Him in relationship.  Why, because of Jesus, that’s why!

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