An Excerpt – Chapels Coriander Pie

The following is a short story, from an eBook I’m working on, called The Lady From Landers. I’d love your opinion about Chapel’s Coriander Pie.

Chapel’s Coriander Pie

Great Great Great Grandmother was poor.  Though not from birth.  She was Commodore Chapel’s daughter, and had everything, until she met Bobby Carswell.  The Commodore thought he was a gold digger, and forbid her to marry him.  

Great Great Great, hugged her Daddy, and said goodbye.  Then Bobby was called to war before the wedding.  Before she left the Commodore’s house in anger, he pressed his recipe book into her hand.

She had her recipe book, her Dad’s talent, and was desperate. She sold baked goods to make money, as she rented a room from Uncle Harvey and Aunt June in town.

The Commodore was too proud to give in, and so was GGG. She loved her Dad, but believed he was wrong. Still he loved his daughter, and was at the store everyday.

They didn’t speak at first, yet weakened over time. Eventually, every morning, they spent an hour talking.  The Commodore would visit her booth in her Uncle Harvey’s store, and buy most of the baked goods.

They were on good, if not perfect terms when Bobby came home, his arm injured from the war. The three of them took a stroll, and the Commodore awkwardly started to apologize.  

Great started to cry, but Bobby stopped them.  “It’s me who needs to apologize to you both.  I’ll be honest sir, I did start dating your daughter because of your money. Until the night before I shipped out.”

The Commodore was angry, but he wasn’t going to damage the relationship with his daughter again over an I told you so.  As softly as he could, he asked him what happened.

“She told me a story, about a young, very sick young woman. About the sailor who left a prominent sea career to take care of her, and took a job in a bakery.  How he used any scraps he could to make stuff to sale on the side, including an unexpectedly good oddity, Coriander Pie.  

I saw a person who was the product of love, and I fell in love.  I never had that sir. I didn’t know my parents, had to fight for everything I had.  I saw something beautiful, someone who believed in love, who believed in you, and who believed in me.”

“If she’ll still have me, only with your blessing, I’d like to marry your daughter. Also, I’m marrying her, not your money. We will make our own way.”

The Commodore looked at his daughter, and she smiled. He gave his blessing, and they had Coriander Pie at the Wedding, in a small country Chapel.  One last surprise happened a couple of grandchildren later. 

The couple was surviving, but barely. The Commodore wanted to give the kids some money.  Bobby refused.  Until the Commodore finally pulled his trump card. 

“I’ll respect your wishes Bobby, just one thing. I gave my single daughter a recipe book, and she had it when you married her. It was hers by then, not mine.”

“You know, every page in that recipe book I gave Candace, before the wedding mind you, is valuable. Especially that last page.  Well, I think I’ll head home to bed. Good night loves.” The Commodore laughed all the way home.  

She grabbed the recipe book, then she laughed. Bobby looked, and started laughing. Candace knew what was on the last page, it was Daddy’s Coriander Pie. A recipe she never looked at, because she knew it by heart.

Pinned to the page was a piece of paper, a stock certificate for the majority control of the Commodore’s business empire.  “This deed is bequeathed to the owner of this recipe book, from a proud, and loving Dad.”

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